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Administration système du Système d'exploitation (SE) Solaris Partie 2Par ArrowECS
The System Administration for the Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System, Part 2 course expands your mastery of the most advanced operating system on the planet: Oracle Solaris 10. This course provides students with hands-on experience working with more complex and integrated administration concepts, and builds upon the Part 1 course. Students will be instructed in essential system administration skills including: configuring network interfaces, managing swap configurations, crash dumps, and core files. The course also covers configuring NFS and AutoFS as well as system messaging, managing storage volumes and ZFS file systems, and setting up naming services and managing Solaris Zones. This course helps you to prepare for Part II of the Oracle Certified Professional: Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator exam.

Oracle Solaris Containers AdministrationPar ArrowECS

The Oracle Solaris Containers Administration course offers a practical, guided experience working with Oracle Solaris Containers, the Oracle virtualization feature comprised of Oracle Solaris Zones and Oracle Solaris Resource Controls. Containers are used to create isolated environments for running applications, and enable server consolidation with low overhead. In this course, you gain the knowledge critical to properly implement and manage these important capabilities in the Oracle Solaris Operating System.

The hands-on practice exercises offered in this course involve accessing equipment that resides at a location other than where the training is delivered.

Learn To:
- Configure Zones
- Install Zones
- Administer Zones
- Configure Zone file systems and networkingConfigure
- Migrate Zones
- Administer packages and patches within Zones

Oracle Solaris Cluster AdministrationPar ArrowECS

The Oracle Solaris Cluster Administration course provides students with the essential information and skills needed to install and administer Oracle Solaris Cluster hardware and software systems. Students are introduced to Oracle Solaris Cluster hardware and software product features, hardware configuration, and software installation along with cluster configuration, data service configuration, and system operation.

This course counts towards the Hands-on course requirement for the Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator Certification. Only instructor-led inclass or instructor-led online formats of this course will meet the Certification Hands-on Requirement. Self Study CD-Rom and Knowledge Center courses DO NOT meet the Hands-on Requirement.

Solaris 11 administration, niveau 1Par Orsys

Vous apprendrez à exploiter et administrer l'ensemble des fonctionnalités d'un système Unix Solaris 11. Vous verrez comment installer, configurer le système, les mises à jour systèmes, le stockage, le réseau, les utilisateurs et les groupes, la sécurité et mettre en œuvre une supervision.

Solaris 11 administration, niveau 2Par Orsys

Durant ce stage, les administrateurs Solaris 11 approfondiront leurs connaissances sur l'ensemble des fonctionnalités du système. Ils verront notamment l'administration avancée des packages IPS, du réseau, de la sécurité et du stockage, la configuration des zones et du réseau virtuel ainsi que l'analyse des pannes.

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