Formations RSA Security

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RSA Authentication Manager Installation and ConfigurationPar ArrowECS

This course offers hands-on training on the installation and configuration of RSA Authentication Manager, Authentication Agents, Web Tier, and other RSA SecurID® system components.
This course assumes that the student has attended the RSA Authentication Manager Administration course or has equivalent operation and administrative experience with RSA Authentication Manager – administrative tasks are not covered as part of this course.

RSA Security Analytics AdminPar ArrowECS

The course provides an overview of RSA Security Analytics, hands-on configuration of components, managing users, and creating filters and rules. Additionally, the course covers integration with RSA eCAT and monitoring capabilities.

RSA Authentication Manager AdministrationPar ArrowECS

This course provides an overview of the administrative responsibilities associated with an RSA SecurID® system. The working principles behind RSA Authentication Manager and RSA SecurID authenticators are discussed, including product architecture, time synchronization, managing external Identity Sources and exploring all aspects of an administrative structure. Extensive hands-on labs reinforce the administrative tasks involved in managing a user population and token assignment.
The subject matter in this course prepares students with the classroom component recommended for the RSA Authentication Manager Certified Administrator certification.

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