Formations Oracle BI

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  • ArrowECS

    Oracle BI 11g R1: Build Repositories

    Par ArrowECS
    This course provides step-by-step procedures for building and verifying the three layers of an Oracle BI repository. Students begin by using the Oracle BI Administration Tool to construct a simple repository to address a fictitious company's business requirements. Students import schemas, design and build logical business models, and expose business models to users in the Oracle BI user interface. In the process of constructing the repository, students learn how to build physical and logical joins, simple measures, and calculation measures. Students also learn how to validate their work by creating and running analyses, and verifying query results using the query log.

    Students then extend the initial repository and learn how to model more complex business requirements, such as logical dimension hierarchies, multiple logical table sources, aggregate tables, partitions, and time series data. Students also learn how to implement Oracle BI Server security, manage Oracle BI Server cache, set up a multi-user development environment, and use Administration Tool wizards and utilities to manage, maintain, and enhance repositories. Finally, students are exposed to more advanced topics, such as implicit fact columns, bridge tables, usage tracking, multilingual environments, write back, and patch merge.

    Learn To:
    Use the Oracle BI Administration Tool to build, manage, and maintain an Oracle BI repository
    Build a dimensional business model to address business intelligence requirements
    Build and execute analyses to test and verify a dimensional business model analyses
    Use the Oracle BI Administration Tool to administer Oracle BI Server

  • Micropole Institut

    Oracle BI Utilisateur - Créer des rapports et Dashboards

    Par Micropole Institut

    Les points forts de cette formation Oracle BI Utilisateur - Création de rapports et Dashboards sont l'approche très pragmatique de ce module, vous permettra d’être opérationnel sur OBIEE, l'alternance de théorie/pratique avec 60% de mise en pratique par objectif opérationnel. Les cas pratiques sont l’illustration des retours d’expériences des practices Business Intelligence du groupe Micropole et nos animateurs Oracle BI sont des consultants formateurs expérimentés en lien avec les projets clients.