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Global Knowledge
Developing Rule Solutions in IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.9Par Global Knowledge

This course is also available as self-paced virtual (e-learning) course Developing Rule Solutions in IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.9 (ZB400G). This option does not require any travel.

This course introduces developers to IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.9. It teaches you the concepts and skills that you need to design, develop, and integrate a business rule solution with Operational Decision Manager.

The course begins with an overview of Operational Decision Manager, which is composed of two main environments: Decision Server for technical users and Decision Center for business users. The course outlines the collaboration between development and business teams during project development.

Through instructor-led presentations and hands-on lab exercises, you learn about the core features of Decision Server, which is the primary working environment for developers. You design decision services and work with the object models that are required to author and execute rule artifacts. You gain experience with deployment and execution, and work extensively with Rule Execution Server. In addition, you become familiar with rule authoring so that you can support business users to set up and customize the rule authoring and validation environments. You also learn how to use Operational Decision Manager features to support decision governance.

The lab environment for this course uses Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition.

For information about other related courses, see the IBM Training website:

Global Knowledge
IBM Curam Express Rules for Developers 6.0.5Par Global Knowledge

This course provides students with a technical understanding of developing IBM Cúram Express Rules (CER) and integrating CER with IBM Cúram SPM applications.

The first part of the course describes how to develop IBM CER rules using the IBM CER Application Development Environment (ADE) and covers the following topics: the CER editor; defining rule elements; CER development approach; testing and debugging CER rules; Timelines, and advanced CER features. The second part of the course describes how to integrate CER rules with IBM Cúram Applications and covers the following topics: rules for Triage, Screening, and Intake; Dynamic Evidence; rules for Eligibility and Entitlement; rules for other applications; customizing rules and evidence.

During the course, students will design and implement a simple end-to-end application using CER features. They will also integrate CER rules into IBM Cúram applications.

Global Knowledge
Essentials of IBM Rational Performance Tester V9.0.1Par Global Knowledge

This is a two-day, instructor-led performance testing tool training course.

This introductory course is designed to familiarize testing professionals with the basics of the IBM Rational performance testing tool. Testers can build, enhance, and run scripts in a full-function Java IDE that integrates with IBM Rational Software Development Platform products. In addition to class lecture, students will be asked to complete labs to reinforce critical concepts and tool functionality. The focus is on the practical application of Performance Tester to resolve common performance testing challenges. This course focuses on getting started with Performance Tester.

Global Knowledge
IBM Case Foundation 5.2.1: Component IntegrationPar Global Knowledge

This course trains:

  • The skills that are needed to create, configure and maintain component queues.
Global Knowledge
Developing Software with IBM Rational Team Concert v6.0.5 (IBM Engineering Workflow Management)Par Global Knowledge

Developing Software with IBM Rational Team Concert V6 is designed as an introduction to IBM Rational Team Concert for software developers. You will learn to utilize IBM Rational Team Concert to effectively manage work items, collaborate and share work with teams using Jazz source control, request and analyze software builds, and monitor the status of Eclipse-based development projects using reports and web-based dashboards.

M2i Formation
IBM Case Foundation (Formerly FileNet BPM) 5.0 - AdministrationPar M2i Formation
  • Mettre en oeuvre et administrer une solution IBM FileNet P8 Business Process Manager.
Global Knowledge
IBM Case Manager: Solution Deployment from Design to Production (V5.3.2)Par Global Knowledge

This course is designed to show you how to migrate and deploy Case Manager solutions from development to preproduction and production. Participants use a system with two instances of IBM Case Manager to practice the skills that are required by solution builders and administrators to migrate and deploy solutions from one environment to another.

Global Knowledge
IBM z/OS : Administration efficace de RACFPar Global Knowledge

Lors de cette formation de 4 jours, les participants découvrent les commandes RACF nécessaires à l'administration des utilisateurs, des groupes, des ensembles de données et des ressources générales, ainsi que toutes les options et fonctionnalités avancées de RACF.

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