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Global Knowledge
IBM Big SQL pour les Développeurs (v5.0)Par Global Knowledge

Ce cours d'une journée est conçu pour présenter aux participants les possibilités d'IBM Big SQL.

IBM Big SQL vous permeta d'accéder à vos données HDFS en leur fournissant une vue logique. Vous pouvez utiliser le même SQL qui a été développé pour les données de votre entrepôt de données sur vos données HDFS. Ce cours explique pourquoi vous pouvez vouloir utiliser Big SQL suivi par comment utiliser Big SQL pour accéder à vos données. Vous découvrirez aussi ce qu'est Big SQ et comment il est utilisé ainsi que l'architecture Big SQL.

Ce cours explique comment se connecter à Big SQL, créer des tables avec divers types de données, charger des données dans ces tables, et faire des requêtes sur les données. Pour terminer, ce cours présente aussi comment utiliser Big SQL avec les autres composants de l'écosystème Hadoop.

Global Knowledge
Introduction à IBM SPSS Modeler et à la Science des Données (v18.1.1)Par Global Knowledge

Ce cours fournit les bases de l'utilisation d'IBM SPSS Modeler et initie le participant à la science des données. Les principes et la pratique de la science des données sont illustrés à l'aide de la méthodologie CRISP-DM. Le cours fournit une formation sur les bases de l'importation, de l'exploration et de la préparation des données avec IBM SPSS Modeler v18.1.1, et initie l'étudiant à la modélisation.

Global Knowledge
Developing Rule Solutions in IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.9.2Par Global Knowledge

This course introduces developers to IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.9.2. It teaches you the concepts and skills that you need to design, develop, and integrate a business rule solution with Operational Decision Manager.

The course begins with an overview of Operational Decision Manager, which is composed of two main environments: Decision Server for technical users and Decision Center for business users. The course outlines the collaboration between development and business teams during project development.

Through instructor-led presentations and hands-on lab exercises, you learn about the core features of Decision Server, which is the primary working environment for developers. You design decision services and work with the object models that are required to author and execute rule artifacts. You gain experience with deployment and execution, and work extensively with Rule Execution Server. In addition, you become familiar with rule authoring so that you can support business users to set up and customize the rule authoring and validation environments. You also learn how to use Operational Decision Manager features to support decision governance.

The lab environment for this course uses Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition.

Global Knowledge
Administration of IBM DataPower Gateway V7.6Par Global Knowledge

IBM DataPower Gateway Appliances are network devices that help secure, integrate, and optimize access to web, web services, mobile, and API workloads. Through instructor-led lectures and hands-on lab exercises, you learn how to run various administrative procedures, from initial installation and setup through ongoing maintenance of the appliances in production. You learn about the available management interfaces, such as the command-line interface (CLI), Web Management graphical interface, and XML Management Interface. You also learn how to use these interfaces to run various administrative tasks, such as upgrading firmware, running backup and restore operations, and configuring user accounts and domains. The course includes some information on upgrading firmware and working with DataPower hardware appliances.

This course exercises uses the following appliances:

  • DataPower Gateway Virtual Edition

Information in the course units also applies to other DataPower appliances.

The lab environment for this course uses the Ubuntu Linux Operating System on an ESX image that runs on the IBM Remote Lab Platform.

Global Knowledge
IBM Case Manager Essentials (V5.3.2)Par Global Knowledge

This course is an introduction to IBM Case Manager, concepts, functions, and architecture. Participants use an IBM Case Manager system to practice the skills that are required by case workers to process cases and create runtime tasks.

Global Knowledge
Developing Solutions with IBM Decision Server Insights V8.8Par Global Knowledge

In this course, you learn about the main features of the Decision Server Insights component of IBM Operational Decision Manager Advanced V8.8.

Decision Server Insights enables real-time, in-memory, rule-based, event-driven, and analytical decision making. You experience how to use analytics, time-based reasoning, and location-based reasoning to build a real-world solution that detects and responds to business situations. You also learn the key capabilities of the multi-agent architecture of Decision Server Insights by developing several agents that are bound to a single entity for different purposes.

This course focuses on solution development, deployment, testing, and administration. You learn how to implement the business logic that detects business situations and uses situational context to decide and take the next best action.

The course begins with an overview of the programming model for Decision Server Insights and the architecture for the Decision Server Insights runtime environment. You learn how to design a Decision Server Insights solution, model the business entities and events that you care about, and implement the business logic. You work with a realistic test client to test the behavior of your implementation after deployment.

The course also covers administration topics, including installation, configuration of the Decision Server Insights reference topology, solution deployment in a grid environment, and grid administration.

M2i Formation
IBM DS8000 - Mise en oeuvre en environnement de système ouvertPar M2i Formation
  • Décrire les modèles DS8000 et leurs fonctionnalités
  • Utiliser les interfaces DS, CLI et GUI
  • Lister les étapes nécessaires pour configurer un environnement DS8000 Open System.
Global Knowledge
IBM Tivoli Netcool/Impact 7.1 Administration and ImplementationPar Global Knowledge

This course teaches students how to deploy and administer IBM Tivoli Netcool/Impact through practice exercises. This course is designed specifically for anyone who might be technically responsible for the design and implementation of Netcool/Impact, a highly scalable analytics engine that adds event and service enrichment and business impact analysis for event data. You should expect exposure to all fundamental elements of Netcool/Impact with a focus on developing policies within the Netcool/Impact product and exploring the features that enhance the visualization, usability, and integration functions. The visualization enhancements are facilitated by the integration of the IBM Dashboard Application Services Hub, which is part of Jazz™ for Service Management, and Netcool/Impact features such as the UI data provider.

Global Knowledge
IMS : Programmation d'application de base de donnéesPar Global Knowledge

Dans ce cours, vous apprendrez à écrire des programmes applicatifs qui utilise Data Language One (DL/I) pour gérer la base de données Information Management System (IMS).