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Formation IBM Tealeaf

IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience 9.0.1 Events and Reports

IBM Tealeaf's reports and analytical tools provide insight into your online visitors' experience by using IBM Tealeaf Events. Events can track almost anything that occurs within an online session, and this flexibility requires that they are custom-built to each site. This course provides detailed explanations of Event concepts and extensive practice building Events, all within the context of real-world scenarios. Those who complete this course will have the knowledge to build and analyze reports in IBM Tealeaf, as well as the skill required to build the Events that underlie all IBM Tealeaf analysis.

Présentiel -- 2 jours

IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience 9.0.1 Advanced Reports and Dashboards

This course focuses on the tools within IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience Management cxView that enable you to proactively manage your online channel and understand why customers complete or abandon online processes. By providing real-time awareness to key business performance indicators, automatic visibility when metrics are trending above or below historical averages, and the ability to drill down from these metrics to understand the cause of business process abandonment, Tealeaf cxView exposes the cost of customer experience obstacles to your business. Delivery Requirements: No training image is provided for this course. This course must be delivered using the participants' own Tealeaf system.

Présentiel -- 1 jour
€ 720

IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud Analyst Best Practices

IBM® Tealeaf® Customer Experience on Cloud is a software as a service (SaaS)-based analytics solution for web, mobile web and native mobile applications. It helps customers understand and improve the overall user experience by analyzing behavioral problems from large and complex data sets. This course provides a practical explanation of best practices in using Tealeaf for analyzing and optimizing web-sites, all based on the experience and knowledge derived from real-world scenarios. Those who complete this course will have the knowledge how to plan and execute analysis in IBM Tealeaf on Cloud, as well as how to link them with business results and goals.

Présentiel -- 1 jour

IBM Tealeaf CX Mobile 9.0.1: Analyze Customer Mobile Experience

IBM® Tealeaf® CX Mobile 9.0.1 extends Tealeaf analysis and insight to mobile applications to help organizations deliver an optimal digital experience. In this course, you will learn how to * Find and replay mobile sessions * Use pre-built and custom reports to analyze mobile user interactions * Explain how Tealeaf captures the mobile user experience * Build step-based Events to drive custom reports and searches Delivery Requirements: No training image is provided for this course. This course must be delivered using the participants' own Tealeaf system. This Web Based Training is provided FREE of CHARGE.

Présentiel -- 1 jour
€ 650

IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience 9.0.1 Administration and Maintenance Workshop

The Tealeaf system is comprised of several major components that house multiple databases and services. For the most part, these do not need much maintenance after installation. However, there are certain aspects that do need to be updated regularly to ensure the integrity of the resulting Tealeaf data. For these purposes and to facilitate trouble-shooting, it is essential for system administrators to be familiar with the Tealeaf components and overall structure of their installation.

Présentiel -- 1 jour