Formation IBM Sterling

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Fundamentals

This 5-day instructor-led course provides students with a detailed examination of Sterling B2B Integrator, which provides end-to-end enterprise integration server for dynamic real-time and near-real time business collaboration and commerce automation. This course teaches students techniques, tools and recommended practices that can be used to run a business process, create a business process using the Graphical Process Modeler, explain how to create a service configuration, explain how to track an executable business process, and discuss the basics of Sterling B2B Integrator through a combination of lecture and hands-on labs.

Présentiel -- 5 jours
€3,500 HT

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator - Fondamentaux

Cette formation vous apprend les techniques, les outils et les pratiques recommandées qui peuvent être utilisés pour créer et exécuter un processus métier en utilisant Graphical Process Modeler. Elle vous explique également comment créer un fichier de configuration de service, comment suivre un processus métier exécutable et maîtriser les bases Sterling B2B Integrator.

Présentiel -- 5 jours
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IBM® Sterling File Gateway Managing Sterling File Gateway

This 2-day instructor-led course introduces the student to the Sterling File Gateway functionality and provides the specific technical skills needed to deploy and support it. The course provides an overview of the features and provides hands-on exercises for creating routing templates, transforming file names, searching for files within a route, and reporting on file transfers.

Présentiel -- 2 jours
€1,400 HT

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows Fundamentals

This 3-day instructor-led course provides the skills necessary to use and manage IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct® in the Windows environment. This course is valuable for end-users and application programmers intending to use Sterling Connect:Direct®. It is also valuable to systems administrators, operators, production control personnel, help desk staff, and support personnel responsible for Sterling Connect:Direct® operations. This course explains the Windows environment for Sterling Connect:Direct, installation and configuration procedures, process language, and interfaces. The students will also learn the components of different user interfaces of Sterling Connect:Direct and troubleshooting methods.

Présentiel -- 3 jours
€1,800 HT

IBM Global Mailbox v1.0.0.1

The IBM Global High Availability Mailbox master image can be used as a base image for any upcoming courses such as Global Mailbox SPVC course, clustered Sterling B2B Integrator courses, Global Mailbox with the IBM Control Center for High Availability. This course trains students on Global High Availability Mailbox, usage, implementation of transaction through Sterling B2B Integrator server adapters and maintenance of the Global Mailbox application. The course also guides on troubleshooting techniques, export, import and report creations of Global Mailbox application.

Présentiel -- 4 jours
€2,800 HT

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS v5.2.0 Administration

This 2-day Sterling Connect:Direct® for z/OS Administration course provides an overview of the various administrative tasks and its functions. The course explains the work of each administrative task, the initialization parameters and statistics facility. The course explains the various security concepts and protocols, security exits and user exits. The course also provides an overview of Sterling Connect:Direct Secure Plus for z/OS configurations.

Présentiel -- 2 jours
€1,390 HT

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS v5.2.0 Fundamentals

This 2-day Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS Fundamentals course introduces you to Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS, its interface and provides a background of the product. You learn about the basics of process language, utility programs, troubleshooting, operator enhancement and maintenance.

Présentiel -- 2 jours
€1,390 HT

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Advanced Business Process Modelling

The Sterling B2B Integrator Advanced Business Process Modeling course teaches you how to use message options, collect and move data, capture errors, send notifications, and update a database. You will learn about service configurations, the Assign Service, the Invoke Business Process Service, importing resources, and the lightweight JDBC Adapter. This course is a three day course.

Présentiel -- 3 jours
€1,950 HT

IBM Sterling Order Management (V9.5) Configuring Participant Modeling, Process Modeling, and User Security

This 3-day instructor-led course provides students with an understanding of the configurations required to map participants in a supply chain to the corresponding roles in Sterling Order Management. The course also teaches students the process of setting up the Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Foundation business process workflow. This course is primarily designed for developers and implementers. This course begins with an overview of Sterling Order Management and the business models it supports. The course then describes how to define participants and create organizations and users. Through a combination of procedural information and exercises, students will learn about topics such as how to assign attributes to the different roles defined in Sterling Order Management and configure user access policies. The course also covers Process Modeling features, including how to set up a business process workflow for an organization. Students are then introduced to statuses, conditions, transactions, and other components of a process type pipeline. The course then describes how to create a process type pipeline.

Présentiel -- 3 jours
€2,100 HT

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Data Mapping and EDI Processing (X12) v5.2.6.1

This 5-day instructor-led course introduces students to the Map Editor, mapping, and the Graphical Process Modeler. Students will create maps and business processes and also process data to trade with the trading partners. The course provides detailed information on the Sterling B2B Map Editor that is used to map the inbound and outbound business process, and create and execute a business process. The course also deals with the creation of envelopes and the adaptors required for the process. The course is primarily defined for Sterling B2B Integrator map developers, support, services, tester and EDI end users. The course starts with a high level overview of Sterling B2B Integrator. The course provides hands-on exercises for defining and compiling a map, creating business process, defining the envelopes for the business process for executing them, and obtaining acknowledgements for the outbound business process.

Présentiel -- 5 jours
€3,500 HT