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Customize the IBM Case Manager Client User Interface (V5.3.2)Par Global Knowledge

In this course, you will customize IBM Case Manager Client without using much code. In an IBM Case Manager system, you will create pages with custom layout and implement new actions by configuring buttons and menu items. You will use the Calendar widget to track case events and a Script Adapter widget to transform the data. You will learn how to wire two widgets together to establish communication, customize views for case properties including business objects, specify viewers for documents, and implement External Data Services to create dependent choice lists.

Global Knowledge
IBM Case Manager 5.2 : Personnaliser et étendre les fonctionnalitésPar Global Knowledge

Ce cours de 3 jours explore les différentes options pour personnaliser et étendre les fonctionnalités d'IBM Case Manager y compris le développement de widgets.

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IBM Case Manager: Solution Deployment from Design to Production (V5.3.2)Par Global Knowledge

This course is designed to show you how to migrate and deploy Case Manager solutions from development to preproduction and production. Participants use a system with two instances of IBM Case Manager to practice the skills that are required by solution builders and administrators to migrate and deploy solutions from one environment to another.

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IBM Case Manager Essentials (V5.3.2)Par Global Knowledge

This course is an introduction to IBM Case Manager, concepts, functions, and architecture. Participants use an IBM Case Manager system to practice the skills that are required by case workers to process cases and create runtime tasks.