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DB2 10.5 for LUW : Administration avancée avec DB2 BLU AccelerationPar Global Knowledge

Ce cours utilise pleinement les fonctions techniques avancées de lla base de données IBM DB2 en environnement Linux, Unix, Windows (LUW). Il propose d'acquérir une expérience pratique de planification et d'utilisation d'un large éventail d'utilitaires et de fonctions à travers un grand nombre d'exercices

La formation porte sur IBM DB2 10.5 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows.

Global Knowledge
DB2 11 BLU Acceleration Implementation and UsePar Global Knowledge

The course is intended for Data Administrators that need to prepare for using the DB2 BLU Acceleration facilities of DB2 11.1 for Linux, UNIX and Windows systems. The concepts and facilities of the BLU Acceleration feature of DB2 11 are presented including loading data into column-organized tables and monitoring the processing of SQL statements that access the tables. The DB2 10.5 Fix Pack 4, referred to as Cancun, added support for Shadow tables, a new type of Materialized Query Table, and also Column-organized User Maintained MQT tables. One lecture unit describes these features. A demonstration allows students to implement and experiment with these functions. With DB2 11.1, BLU Acceleration can be used in a clustered multiple database partition DB2 environment. This course includes a lecture and demonstration that allows students to create a set of column-organized tables from an existing set of row-organized tables and execute and analyze the performance of BLU Acceleration in a MPP database. The lab demonstrations are performed using DB2 LUW 11.1 for Linux.

XXL Formation
Gestion des objets DB2 for z/osPar XXL Formation

Maîtriser la conception des objets physiques et applicatifsEtudier les paramètres liés à leur définitionComprendre la navigation dans les tables du catalogue.

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DB2 11.1 : Administration pour DBAs expérimentésPar Global Knowledge

This course teaches you to perform, basic and advanced, database administrative tasks using Db2 11.1.

These tasks include creating and populating databases and implementing a logical design to support recovery requirements. The access strategies selected by the Db2 Optimizer will be examined using the Db2 Explain tools. Various diagnostic methods will be presented, including using various db2pd command options. Students will learn how to implement automatic archival for database logs and how to plan a redirected database restore to relocate either selected table spaces or an entire database. The REBUILD option of RESTORE, which can build a database copy with a subset of the tablespaces, will be discussed. We will also cover using the TRANSPORT option of RESTORE to copy schemas of objects between two Db2 databases. The selection of indexes to improve application performance and the use of SQL statements to track database performance and health will be covered. This course provides a quick start to Db2 database administration skills for experienced relational Database Administrators (DBA).

The lab demonstrations are performed using DB2 LUW 11.1 for Linux. For some lab tasks, students will have the option to complete the task using a DB2 command line processor, or using the graphical interface provided by IBM Data Server Manager.