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Women Communicating with Diplomacy, Tact and Credibility

Par Management Centre Europe (MCE)


After participating in this training for women, you will grow your competencies and be able to:

  • Be viewed as a tactful, credible and effective communicator
  • Define your unique communication style
  • Enhance listening skills to foster stronger connections
  • Recognize and control how your image is affected by your communications
  • Learn how perceptions can impact your success
  • Develop the skills of a more effective communicator
  • Learn to flex your communication style
  • Adjust your communication when impacted by stress

During the programme you will:

  • Network and learn with a diverse group of women from different industries and countries in an international environment
  • Develop a personal action plan to implement back at work
  • Learn and practice new skills using real-business-world examples and exercises over 2 interactive days


The Women Communicating with Diplomacy, Tact and Credibility is a 2-day hands-on training programme, highly interactive with exercises and case studies. The programme will be led by successful women with former business experience in international companies.

Learning Objectives

Apply Diplomacy and Tact to Be a Credible and Effective Communicator

Manage the Impact to Your Image

Define and Leverage Your Communication Style

Utilize Effective Communication Skills

Demonstrate Good Listening Skills

COURSE OUTLINE: Women Communicating with Diplomacy, Tact and Credibility

Module 1: The Importance of Perceptions

  • Discuss How Perception and Image Can Impact Others’ Perception of You and of Your Job Performance
  • Describe How Diplomacy, Tact and Credibility Are Demonstrated Through Good Communication

Module 2: Communication Style Differences

  • Explain How Style Impacts the Image Others Have of You
  • Evaluate the Opportunities and Challenges of Your Thinking Style in Working with Others
  • Flex Your Style to Communicate with More Diplomacy, Tact and Credibility

Module 3: Effective and Powerful Communication

  • Identify and Remove the Roadblocks to Effective Communication
  • Explain How to Positively Impact the Visual, Verbal, and Vocal Components of Communication
  • Describe the Know-Feel-Do Model of Communicating
  • Practice Good Communication Skills

Module 4: Effective Listening Skills

  • Identify the Barriers and Obstacles to Effective Listening
  • Apply Good Listening Skills to Build and Improve Your “Image” and Your Ability to Communicate with Diplomacy, Tact and Credibility

Module 5: Diplomacy, Tact and Credibility

  • Define the Five Actions That Make for Credible Communication
  • Recognize How to Utilize Diplomacy and Tact When Communicating with Others
  • Apply Diplomacy, Tact and Credibility to Create More Effective Communication