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Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Help Desk Support

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How to support end-users connecting to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops through Citrix Workspace App

  • How to use Citrix Director to gather information and interact with user sessions
  • A methodology to approach user related issues to minimize time to resolution
  • An understanding of the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops solution and the role of the components


Module 1: Fundamental Architecture for the Help Desk Role

  • Citrix Site Infrastructure and Deployment Models
  • The Help Desk Role in the Fundamental Architecture
  • Problem Resolution Methodology
  • The Help Desk Role Goals

Module 2: Citrix Director and its role in Help Desk Support

  • Citrix Director Role and Purpose
  • Access to Director for Help Desk Administrators
  • Common Director Monitoring Tasks
  • Common Help Desk Administrator Troubleshooting Tasks

Module 3: Providing and Troubleshooting End User Access

  • End User Access Overview
  • Components in the Access and User Layers
  • Support End User Access

Module 4: Citrix Workspace App

  • Workspace App Types
  • Deploying Citrix Workspace app
  • Pass though Authentication
  • Supporting Citrix Workspace App

Module 5: App and Desktop Launch

  • FlexCast Architecture
  • User Sessions
  • App and Desktop Launch Process
  • Supporting the App and Desktop Launch Process

Module 6: HDX Session - User Experience

  • User Profiles
  • HDX Technologies
  • Supporting User Sessions

Module 7: Printing

  • Introduction to Printing
  • Printing Components Overview
  • Supporting Printing