Management Centre Europe (MCE)

Business Strategies in New Digital Times

Par Management Centre Europe (MCE)


The Key Benefits for you:

  • Sharpen your understanding of the forces at work and their impact on your strategies
  • Explore various business models and frameworks to explore and design new strategies, especially subscription, platform-based and data-centric models
  • Get inspiration from multiple business cases across various industries
  • Unleash your mind beyond usual thinking with other people in the class
  • Take advantage of new business concepts
  • Apply the learnings to your own business
  • Benefit from immediate feedback

Why is this programme different?

  • This programme bridges the gap between the worlds of business and academics. With business cases across multiple industries and models, it connects strategic and pragmatic views to support in your decisions and transformation design.
  • You benefit from intensive feedback and cross-industry practice.
  • A mix of speaking, interactions and cases makes it a lively session into new inspirations for your business.


This 2-day programme is pragmatic and interactive. Be ready to challenge your thoughts in this session with new inspirations, cross-industry case studies and exercises.

What is changing, impacts on your strategy design

  • Quick wrap-up of introductory module
  • Digital strategies: beyond technologies
  • Designing strategies in VUCA time

Rethink to stay relevant and profitable tomorrow

  • Redefining your brand purpose and posture
  • Challenging and testing everything
  • Systemic, iterative, and creative visual thinking

Change playground to enjoy higher profitability

  • Redefine your market space, frameworks
  • Reinvent your business model, test new ones
  • Reinvent operations with customers to the core

Business cases: learn from digital winners and losers

  • What happened to those forgotten business stars
  • How those reinvented their old business
  • How those raised to stars from nowhere

Reconsider your business relationships

  • Disintermediation and asymmetric competition
  • When it's time to cooperate with customers, rivals
  • When it's time to compete with current partners

Explore new models, stay ahead of the curve

  • An overview of business model archetypes
  • Platform business models, how to design
  • Turn data into new business models

Are you truly innovative, is it enough ?

  • Incremental vs. disruptive strategies
  • When to say it's actually disruption
  • Recovering when being disrupted

Design and experiment in 3 connected horizons

  • Articulating today and tomorrow with synergies
  • Testing new business models in three horizons
  • Applying learnings to own business case